Frequently Asked Questions

The non-traditional model of care can be new to some folks. Below are common questions. Don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form with other questions!

We provide self-pay physical therapy. This means that you provide pay for my services on the date of service. This model is different than traditional in-network, insurance based care and allows you to experience exceptional care without any surprise medical bills afterwards. There are different packages or “pay as you go options” to choose from in order to find the right fit for your needs. We accept all major payment methods including HSA. We can also provide a Superbill for you to directly submit to your insurance for out of network benefits. We are not a Medicare provider and cannot legally provide a Medicare recipient with “normally covered services”. If you are a Medicare beneficiary seeking services, please contact us for more information.

Dr. Kirsten wanted to step out of the traditional PT care model in order to provide personalized, high-value physical therapy without the barriers or frustrations of the insurance model or busy hospital based settings. Caring for her own wellbeing, as a mother of three young children, is extremely important. By practicing in this model  we are able to stay energized, focused, and empowered to provide the kind of care you deserve at each visit. 

All new clients will undergo an initial evaluation including a review of medical history, current concerns, and goals for their experience in PT. A combination of hands-on care and tailored exercise prescription are offered at each visit. Telemedicine visits are also available! Personalized check-ins between appointments and easy to use home program technology will keep you engaged and progressing through your care. If you are a birthing person and on bed rest or are postpartum, contact us about a home visit!

In MN, you can legally receive physical therapy services for 90 days before needing a doctor’s order. Wellness services including education, prevention, exercise, etc. do not need a doctor’s referral.


Wonderful care through pregnancy and postpartum! I had so much trouble with pelvic/hip pain and Kirsten was very knowledgeable at different ways to strengthen and ease my pain. Highly recommend!
- Destiny